Welcome to RigCraft! Combine the fun of collecting and building a virtual crypto-mining rig with the ETH revenue potential geater than running a regular rig.

Building, Modding, Mining and beyond!


Early Bird Offers

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Starter Pack

- Parts for a basic Rig

  • -
  • Owned: 0
Left: 50/50
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4 GPU Rare Rig

  • 4x 75 Mh/s
  • Owned: 0
Left: 66/66
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Devil's 666 Rig

6 GPU Epic Rig

  • 6x 110 Mh/s
  • Owned: 0
Left: 50/50
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Founders Blue 8

8 GPU Legendary Rig

  • 8x 140 Mh/s
  • Owned: 0
Left: 100/100
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Pool Token

0.1% Lifetime share

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  • Owned: 0

Project born

- Artworks
- Procedural image generator
- Stage 0 Promotion campaign
- Meet with Blockchain peoples

Early Bird Campaign

- Limited presale packages
- Existing ERC-721 Marketplace support
- Lifetime income share investment option
- Referral system

RigCraft Beta

- Browser version of the game
- Hardware(Loot) boxes
- Tradeable rig components and rigs
- Rig assembly/disassembly
- Mining challenge with ETH reward

RigCraft v1.0

- Complete Implementation of all features
- Fully functional mining Pools
- Several Mining challenges with ETH and other cryptocurrency rewards - Mobile Beta version

RigCraft 1.1

- Mobile final release
- Promote virtual mining as a viable option for third-party developers
- Custom ERC-20 token mining support with RigCraft rigs

Long-Term Goal

- RigCraft ETH PoS Pool
- Support 3rd Party universes (Decentraland)
- Off-chain solutions
- 3d/VR rework on Rigs and Parts


About RigCraft

RigCraft is a virtual crypto-mining simulator running on the blockchain. Players have to collect the required HW parts and assemble their own unique Rigs. After that players can join cryptocurrency mining tasks either as a member of a mining Pool or as Individuals. The best part is that every aspect of the game is pure virtual and backed by the blockchain, so NO electricity bills, NO HW value diminishing, secure Rig and component trading, secure permanent data storage on Etherneum Network. The only thing real is the ETH you will get, with better ROI than a real-life Rig.

Introduction to Rig Building

You can buy one of the 4 presale packages or a Hardware Boxes (added later). One Hardware box will cost around 0.01ETH. Presale packages has exceptional value to price ratio. You can also buy components from other player from the marketplace.

Every Component has 2 stats: rarity and quality. Other Components have specific stats: Motherboard: maximum number of GPUs can be fitted, power usage. Power supply: maximum Power output. GPU: Hashrate, power usage. Rig frame: maximum number of booster can be fitted.

Components have one of the following rarities: Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, Legendary. Better rarity gives better stats, and worth more. Components quality also affect component performance. The bigger the quality the better the component. Quality ranges from 1-100. 1 is the worst quality 100 is the best.

You need at least 1 motherboard, 1 power supply, 1 rig frame and 1 GPU. In addition components have to meet the following criteria: All of the owned by you, Motherboard GPU limit is less or equal to the GPUs used Power supply power output has to be bigger or equal than the combined power need of motherboard and GPUs If boosters are used, the rig frame must have enough slots for them

Go to the marketplace and place your items to an auction or buy from other players auctionsm

Rig stats are: Hashrate: the main attribute, determines your power in mining challenges. Uptime: time passed since your rig is active and mining. Serial Number: a few special rigs have Unique serial number

Rigs that are currently mining cannot be disassembled, they have to be removed from any mining challenges. Some rigs are permanent and cannot be disassembled.

Rigs that are currently mining cannot be disassembled, they have to be removed from any mining challenges. Some rigs are permanent and cannot be disassembled.

Introduction to Mining

Mining is the main usage of Rigs. You assign your Rigs to Mining tasks and get a share from the reward associated with the task. Most of the time your reward will be proportional to your hashrate and total hashrate in the task

This feature is under development. You will get detailed description as soon as it will be added.